A little money story


A little money story




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  1. Excellent,
    especially since we understand well at the end
    that it is because he makes misspellings that he was rolled in the flour …
    Against the crisis? The Bescherelle!

    Written by: BertranD | the 03 october 2008 at 16:21 | |

  2. Diabolically true. o_O »»

    Written by: Nicolas | on October 03, 2008 at 16:35 | |

  3. I still specify, before being criticized, that I did not do research for the figures in box 2, it is intentionally anything (like the proposal to invest on Lehman Brothers: D )

    We will say that it is "a fiction", even if I did not invent the situation.

    Written by: vidberg | the 03 october 2008 at 16:40 | |

  4. Well seen the small pub in the background